The End Draws Near

I wanted to let everyone who visits my blog here know that this Friday the 13th will be the last full day this website exists.

This Saturday the 14th my self-run WordPress website will be shut down, and all of the content on it will be placed in my archives.


I wanted to let you know now, so that if there were any posts that you wanted to copy before they’re gone you have some time to get it done. And of course you have my express permission to copy and save anything of mine from this website for your own personal use (as a dart board target, cat litter pan liner, whatever you like) that you’d like. You can even share it with others, as long as you make sure you note it came from me. If you’d like, you can think of it as making sure people know who to blame. Just don’t reprint or republish anything of mine somewhere out there and claim it as your own work. Don’t be a dick.

It is possible that I will continue to maintain a blog in some form, administered through a WordPress free site that my domain would be tied to.

If I do continue with a blog, I do not specifically plan on having any of my existing content carried over.



If there are any of my previous posts over the years (good lord HOW many years?) you would want to see carried over to a brand new site, any posts that would be like a condensed super teeny time capsule of what you think should be saved, please let me know exactly which ones in the comments to this post. It is possible to export them and even save pictures.

As I said, I don’t rightly know that there WILL be a blog past this Saturday. If there is, I will make sure to save any posts you wanted preserved before it goes.

I will see you all again for a proper farewell this Friday the 13th.

Until then, take care and God bless each and every one of you for being here with me.

23 thoughts on “The End Draws Near

  1. Thanks for giving me enough of a warning to go copy the tank’s creed. It’s been a fun ride, even though I only came on for the last bit of it. Awesome group to get my Ulduar Glory achievement done with.


  2. /sniff!

    Thanks for all the good reads. I started reading your blog because of WoW. I continued to read your blog because of the content. Your writing style, your rants, your insights, your tips… all that! You, sir, have a way with words that makes the Blarney Stone look like an amateur 😉

    Thank you for all the reading material over the years. In my selfishness I hope that some day you start another blog, and that I won’t accidentally miss it 🙂

    Thank you for the peek into your mind, your home, your past.

    I wish the best to you and yours!


  3. Sad to see you go; you’re one of the few WoW-blogs I’ve continued to read even after I stopped playing a few years back. It’s been a pleasure and you will be missed.

    I’ll have to do a read through the archives to remember exactly which ones my favorites were. I know there were many.

    Happy trails, and wishing the best to the Bear family.


  4. BBB

    I am sorry to see you go but you have to do what’s best for you and your family. As mentioned above, my favorites were also your “story” posts, about you as a kid, your adventures driving a truck, working, your family, they were all great reads and very entertaining. I also would dearly like to try your slow cooker sausages (I forgot about that one).

    Have enjoyed your site immensely, and wish you and your family the best. You will be missed.


  5. So long and thanks for all the fish.

    This was one of the few blogs where I would stop to read an entire post even if it spanned more than a page. I’ve always enjoyed your insight into whatever topic you were writing about.

    The one post that sticks with me (vaguely) is one I made my (non-wow playing) wife read, since it conveyed how a computer game could be a big, and valid part of someone’s life.

    All the best for whatever is next…


  6. When I started tanking, as a Bear ofc, your posts on the technicalities of Bears and the ethos of tanking in general were a total godsend and gave me some confidence to stick with it – thank you. After you diversified your posts, I stuck with them ‘cos they were well written and very entertaining, again – thank you. Good luck & hope to see some more writing from you somewhere.


  7. Sad to see this blog come to an end, but I hope you’ll create a new place to share your writing with us when the urge strikes.

    As for what should be preserved, I vote for the entire Storytime and Tales from the Truckstop categories. I still enjoy re-reading those.


  8. A few of your posts stick out in my mind…

    The owl flying into the truck windshield in the middle of a blizzard.
    The one time you did a trip into NYC during the day as a truck driver.
    Where you posted your recipe for slow cooked mini sausages… Still trying to get someone to make those for me.
    All the Cub stories.

    Over the years you have shifted from Bear Druid only posts to WoW posts to assorted topic posts. I’ve enjoyed it all, although real life story time was the best.

    Gotta admit though, since this is the time for admitting, I guess… I always had you pictured in my head not as a polar bear or a grizzly bear or a black bear or even a panda bear…. But more as a hybrid Tigger and Pooh-bear, but smarter. And bigger. With a temper. And claws. And TEETH. If that makes sense.


  9. Awwww…this is sad news. I hope it’s not because of a problem in your life, but just a free choice to stop blogging here. Just…I’ll miss you. Maybe that means something. Thanks for the years of goodness.


    • Thank you for your thoughts. It does mean something, of course it does.

      I know several people have started wondering about this as well, so I want everyone to know there are no particular difficulties in my or my families lives that are behind the change. We’re all doing as well as anyone can be expected to be, and are far better off than most.


      • Good to hear it’s not because of any problems BB. Hopefully we’ll see you being all excessively wordy again in the very near future! 🙂


  10. Seriously?

    That’s terrible news (for me, anyway – and this is my internet, so I’m all that matters!)…

    I hope it’s nothing serious in your life that’s causing this sudden withdrawal, and I strongly hope this is just a sabbatical. I can’t help wondering why, though. I love to read all your posts, I loved hearing you on the ReadyCheck podcast (where are they now, too? – beginning to feel some serious abandonment issues!!).

    For me, all of your garrison, battle pet and bear cub blogs NEED to be transferred, if not to a museum for the benefit of future Buttites, at least to your new site, wherever that may be.

    I’m off to cry myself to sleep now 😦


  11. Bear-hug to you and hoping I/we see you again – soon. Thank you for the fun, the info, and the heart. I’m going to miss you and I know lots of my guildies will too.

    Happy Trails,
    Aoife aka Cheryl
    and all the gang in Divine Alliance-Mok’Nathal


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